Advantages of a PEX Manifold

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A PEX manifold allows you to quickly shut down the water supply to individual areas of your home

A PEX manifold and corresponding plumbing system provide a major advantage in the residential plumbing industry in both convenience and practicality. Since PEX—cross-linked polyethylene—is less expensive than traditional copper systems and easier to install than both copper, PVC or CPVC, both the homeowner and plumbing contractor will benefit when using this plumbing system. The following post will define a PEX manifold as well as list the most common advantages of a PEX plumbing system.

What is a PEX Plumbing Manifold
A PEX plumbing manifold provides a plumbing hub for modern, residential plumbing systems that distributes water to various zones throughout the home. The PEX manifold serves as a convenient control mechanism for your homes plumbing system. A PEX manifold is typically integrated with flexible PEX or similar tubing used to distribute water throughout your home. The basic structure of the manifold is a plastic box that houses a tubular chamber with multiple connection points for outflowing lines. The manifold connects to the main, incoming water line at the closest possible entry point. Often, the manifold is located in the basement, garage or ground level utility closet.

Since each outflow line is dedicated to a particular plumbing fixture, the PEX manifold provides a convenient way to turn off the water supply to individual fixtures or appliances. This eliminates the practice of shutting off the main water supply for the entire house to replace a water heater or change a shut-off valve. For instance, if a plumbing emergency arises due to a leak, the homeowner can simply shut off the corresponding valve in the manifold without losing water service in other areas of their home. This allows the homeowner to continue on with their daily lives until the plumber arrives.

Faster Plumbing Installation
Gone are the days of soldering or connecting individual sections of pipe with multiple fittings using messy solder or glue. PEX systems utilize a crimping tool and compression fittings at connection points that are fast, strong and reliable. The PEX tubing cutter makes clean, fast cuts without the reaming required with other plumbing materials such as copper or PVC. The flexible tubing can be snaked through walls, attics and crawlspaces in continuous lengths eliminating the many connection points required when using older, traditional plumbing materials. In addition, fewer connection points mean fewer joints within the system that could develop a leak.

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