Faucet Features: The Latest Options

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Many unique features have simplified faucet operation

Faucet Features – The Latest “Must Have” Options

With the latest faucet features and technology available, homeowners can tap into water sources more conveniently while conserving energy and water and saving money, too. Whether faucets are for the kitchen or bathroom, the latest innovations take faucet usage a step above traditional options.

Sink Faucets

Sink faucets run the gamut from single handle pullout models to top-notch valves and tougher and more resilient faucet finishes.

While the traditional two-handle faucet is still used, the single handle pullout faucet has become one of the most popular as it combines the spout and the spray head. These added faucet features add both flexibility and convenience when using the faucet. It is easier to install and it doesn’t need as much space as a two-handle faucet.

Finishes have also advanced in faucet features. Of the three finishes – chrome, bronze, and PVD – bronze show the least resistance to abrasive and corrosive products such as tough scouring pads and strong drain cleaners.

Spout shapes have also changed with the gooseneck model adding a higher level of convenience to bathroom and kitchen sinks by providing more clearance. With the ability to swivel from right to left, a gooseneck makes it more flexible than the standard straight spout.

Faucets with the spray/stream selector allow you to conveniently switch from the spray option to a steady stream of water using handy push buttons located on the side of the nozzle. Once you set the mode to either spray or stream, the faucet retains the setting even if turned off and back on again.

Setting Temperatures

With some single-handle faucets, the feature is available that retains the water temperature versus the need to reset it each time the faucet is turned on.

Touch Technology

The top technology in faucet features is the touch system. With these faucets, you can touch the handle or the spout anywhere on the surface to activate or stop the flow of water.

The ultimate in touch technology is available with manufacturers taking sensory technology to another level. This particular model provides a “sensing field” that activates whenever someone approaches within a four-inch radius of the faucet. When you exit the radius area, the faucet sensors activate and turn the water off. This technology eliminates the constant turn on, turn off sequence that adds wear and tear on the inner workings of faucet fixtures.

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